The German Saturday Greenwich (CIC) was founded September 2012. We are currently teaching around 120 children aged three to 16. We hope that you will find the all information you need on these pages. For any other questions, please contact

We are a German Saturday School, run by local parents for children from German speaking families. We create a fun and friendly environment in which children can practice and improve the German they learn at home, make new friends and widen their knowledge of German culture and traditions. All the lessons are entirely in German, therefore children have to be able to understand German well enough to follow the teachers’ instructions and be able to speak it a little.

Most of our classes don’t teach German as a foreign language; the lessons are aimed at children who are already being brought up bi-/multilingual. If you wish your children to learn German, you can contact our teacher Tanja Jost for information on private lessons, or drop us an email, as some of our other teachers also teach German privately.